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Who are we?

The U21 Dingoes and Ringtails is a national deaf basketball program that offers athletes who are deaf or hard of hearing the opportunity to represent Australia at sanctioned deaf sports events. Basketball is one of the largest participation sports in Australia which is enjoyed by many deaf and hard of hearing people at various levels whether it's state, representative or domestic competitions. The purpose of our U21 program is to further enrich the skills and experiences for deaf and hard of hearing participants, as well as meet like minded peers who share a common goal - their love of basketball!

Our coaches are qualified and are always willing to support each participant be the best they can be.

We do not receive government funding however we have a group of passionate volunteers who assist with fundraising to ensure that every participant has the chance to achieve their goals.

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Image by Behy Studio
Image by Adolfo Félix

"Great things come from hard work and perseverance. No excuses."

Kobe Bryant




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