Our story

It is our belief that every deaf and hard of hearing person deserves a fair go to achieve their goals whether that be participating in local domestic competition, competing in representative teams, representing Australia or even coaching players.

When we were given the opportunity to send the Australian Team to the 2018 U21 World Deaf Basketball Championships that was held in the USA, we strongly felt that this was an opportunity too good to pass. So in a matter of 16 months, we managed to get the U21 Dingoes to the tournament despite not being able to do the same for the Ringtails. 

This time, we want to ensure that both the U21 Dingoes and Ringtails have the opportunity to participate at the U21 2022 World Deaf Basketball Championships.

We invite all young deaf and hard of hearing basketballers to join us on this journey. To learn more about how to register, go to "Register to Try Out" link on the main page. This link also provides details on hearing eligibility to participate at national and international tournaments.


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